The Gospel of John: 2020 Vision: An Accurate View of Jesus and His Message January 2019-April 2021 (Sermon Audio Link)

Most people in our society have heard of Jesus Christ. Some recognize Him as a historical figure, but they know very little about Him. For some, He was a famous leader, a gifted teacher, a sacrificial martyr, or a religious hero. Others don’t even think of Jesus as a person, to them He is more of a symbol; He represents hope and love.  He is an example of the Golden Rule.  He is whatever I need Him to be: a friend, a guide, a helper, a healer.

The Bible, however, presents the person and work of Jesus very clearly. We are not left to ourselves to wonder who He is or to shape Him according to our liking. Jesus lived for 33 years on this earth, and the apostle John has left us an accurate eye-witness account of His words and actions.  The Gospel of John is more than an accurate history of Jesus; it is a message of good news for the whole world!

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