Teaching the Word

The church is “the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15), and our source for truth is the Bible. Therefore, preaching and teaching God’s Word is the church’s top priority. We seek to fulfill the church’s God-given task of Bible instruction.

At Meadowlands, everything we do is grounded in the Scriptures. It is our only rule for faith and practice. Therefore, every ministry—children, teens, adults—is Bible-centered. Our society is full of entertainment, but Meadowlands does not exist to entertain. We exist for one simple reason: to proclaim God’s truth in order to make disciples for His glory.

The Meadowlands Pulpit

We believe that the Christian is equipped to please God through the Scriptures (2 Tim 3:17). We are passionate about organizing our worship services upon the Bible. The sermons you hear at Meadowlands will always be Word-filled and Christ-focused. We encourage the congregation to open their Bibles as they listen to the preaching and teaching. It is not a preacher that has authority but God’s Word.

Adult Bible Study Groups

In addition to the preaching in our worship services, we encourage all adults to join in a Bible study group. Each week our groups discuss and apply a passage of Scripture. Our goal is not to simply share opinions but to understand what God has said and apply it practically to everyday life.

Foundation Baptist College Institute

FBC Institute Classes are for believers who want to go deeper in their knowledge of the Bible. Students can receive a certificate for completing courses. Anyone is welcome to take a course, and the cost is minimal.

Foundation Baptist College

Foundation Baptist College is a ministry of Meadowlands Baptist Church. It was founded in 2009 for the purpose of educating and equipping the Lord’s servants to minister in His church.

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