EXODUS: Rescued for Worship (Sermon Audio Link)

Hollywood has recognized the dramatic appeal of the second book of the Bible. The 1956 blockbuster, The Ten Commandments, is the eighth most successful film of all time when adjusting for inflation, according to Guinness World Records. The animated musical drama, The Prince of Egypt by DreamWorks in 1998, was also extremely profitable. The story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt is certainly a thrilling rescue. It involves a baby in a basket floating down the Nile River who would eventually liberate the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. There’s a voice from a burning bush and ten miraculous plagues.  And there’s the parting of the sea, where the entire nation of Israel crosses on dry ground, and then the Egyptian armies drown. It’s a dramatic rescue!

But the biblical account not only records this rescue, but it tells us why. The Lord delivered these people so they could worship Him. The Book of Exodus is so much more than a nation redeemed from slavery. It is about God’s faithfulness and His worthiness to be trusted and worshipped. As we study Exodus on Sunday mornings, we will see many parallels to God’s purpose for rescuing us. He saved us to worship Him. And this book reveals why He is worthy of our worship.

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