Heave, ho, Mateys!
A treasure hunt is in the winds. Shiver me timbers!
The legendary Peg Leg’s Treasure map has reappeared. Swab the decks, run up the Jolly Roger in a race between Red Robert’s Rovers and Blue Beard’s Buccaneers to find the treasure of a lifetime.
Not just the treasure of a friendly broadside between two crews, but also the greater, vast treasure found in God’s Word. Anchor the treasure of your heart upon the riches of God’s grace in Jesus. So, grab your hardtack, hearties, and sail the deep blue as a Swashbuckling Seafarer on the Seven Seas!
Teen Camp $260
July 31 to August 5
Grades 7 – 12
Junior camp $240
August 7 to 11
Grades 3 – 6

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Sunday Morning Worship Broadcast Tune in Live at 10:30AM