Easter is a special time for our church as we reflect on Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf.

Good Friday, April 19

Our Good Friday Service, held at 11 am, is one of the highlights here at Meadowlands. This service is a sobering reminder of what our salvation from our sin cost our Lord. We will worship the Lord Jesus Christ through the reading of Scripture, singing as a congregation, listening to the choir and partaking in the memorial of the Lord’s Supper, as we reflect on His death and burial.

Easter Sunday, April 21

“If Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty.” How thankful we are to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ! On this day, we sing with the redeemed, “Christ is risen, He’s risen indeed!”The service times are altered for this Sunday. There will be two service times, 8:00 am and 11 am. We will not have adult Bible study classes or children’s Sunday school; however, there will be a special Easter brunch available beginning at 9:15 and ending at 10:45. You may come to the earlier service and stay for brunch, or come to brunch and stay for the later service. Please also note that our evening service is cancelled

There will be special numbers from our hand bell choir and a special Easter story presented to the children in the audience. Won’t you join us!

Sunday Morning Worship Broadcast Tune in Live at 10:30AM